User Agreement

Binvest concludes this agreement with all participants wishing to take advantage of its investment offer, which is presented on the official website. By registering on the site, the user confirms that he is acquainted with the conditions described in this document, understands their essence and fully agrees with it. Otherwise, if the user does not fully or partially agree with the terms of this agreement, we strongly recommend leaving the site and not using the provided opportunities.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The Company accepts funds for management only on the terms that are designated by its marketing, presented on the official website of Binvest. There can not be any individual conditions for individual participants.1.2. All investors who wish to cooperate with the project must register on the official website, since it is impossible to carry out financial transactions without a personal account.1.3. The investment resource of Binvest, located at, is its full ownership, any copying of materials will be prosecuted by law.1.4. The provisions of this agreement can be changed by the company unilaterally at any time. Such changes take effect immediately after publication.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Company

2.1. The Company reserves the right to amend the provisions of this agreement without prior notice of the project participants.2.2. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the current investment offer, about which it shall notify the project participants in the news section and by mailing to the email addresses indicated during registration.2.3. The Company undertakes to pay the interest rates indicated by the tariffs and fulfill its obligations to withdraw funds to the participants' electronic purses.2.4. The Company reserves the right to block accounts and deny service to participants who will be seen slandering Binvest and purposely denigrate the name of the company or its solvency.2.5. The Binvest administration is against SPAM, so it is strongly recommended that users do not use this method of disseminating information about the project. In relation to users who will be caught in the spam mailing, appropriate measures will be taken.2.6. Binvest undertakes to ensure the technical integrity of the investment resource, to provide a secure connection for data transmission, to perform all measures to protect the resource from DDoS and hacker attacks.2.7. The Company is not responsible for the lost profit of the participants due to a failure of the technical device or in case of failure of the Internet provider.2.8. The administration of the project undertakes not to transfer information about the participants of the investment project to third parties, with the exception of cases provided by law.2.9. The project is not liable for the loss of user’s login data and for the receipt of this valuable information in the hands of third parties through the fault of the user.2.10. The Company will use the investments received from users in the framework of its activities. In this case, users are not provided with a detailed report on the financial affairs of the company.2.11. The Company does not accept any claims or proposals to supplement or amend the provisions of this user agreement.

3. Rights and Obligations of the User

3.1. The User understands that this agreement can be changed at any time, therefore assumes the responsibility to get acquainted with the information presented in this section in time.3.2. Each investor who wishes to cooperate with the project must register on the official website, providing the necessary information about himself.3.3. By registering on the Binvest website, the participant confirms that he has reached the age of majority and has the legal right to perform investment activities.3.4. The User is obliged to indicate only reliable information about him during the registration process. If any data is changed, he must notify the project administration about this.3.5. Every User of the project can use the investment offer from the company in full, as well as participate in the affiliate program.3.6. The User understands that the withdrawal of the received profit is possible only to the purse from which the replenishment was made.3.7. The project participant understands that he has no right to create more than one account for cooperation with Binvest.3.8. The User may not have a personal deposit in the project and at the same time he can get profit from the affiliate program.3.9. For any questions or in case of problems, the User has the right to contact Binvest technical support.

4. Final Provisions

4.1. The parties are not liable for failure to fulfill any of their obligations for reasons beyond their control. For such reasons, we can refer to the world or local economic crisis, military actions, terrorist acts, natural disasters and other events of force majeure.4.2. The User Agreement (Rules) has the same legal effect as the information provided on the website of the investment project.4.3. Violation of the provisions of this agreement may lead to the termination of the agreement by the company unilaterally. In this case, the user will be notified of this decision by the administration.4.4. This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and will be automatically terminated upon termination of the cooperation between the Investor and the Binvest project.