Privacy policy

Collecting client information for Binvest

1. When you visit the site we are aware of the following data that cannot identify you, but are the user's personal information: IP address, settings and type of browser, geo-location, network and device ID.2. The site uses the technology of cookies, which is necessary to learn the behavior of users.3. During registration, you provide us with information about yourself, without which the registration is impossible.4. In the process of investing, we become aware of your payment details.

How is personal information used?

1. All received information is used only within the framework of the project and cooperation between Binvest and investors.2. We use information in order to ensure effective cooperation with participants, identify them within the boundaries of the project, make financial transactions and notify the participants about news, promotions, and other events.3. To improve the efficiency and quality of the provided services we use data obtained through the use of cookies.

Non-disclosure of personal information

1. The Company undertakes not to disclose the personal information of its clients and to implement all possible methods of protecting the investment resource for this purpose.2. In some cases, prescribed by law, information about the client may be made public by transferring it to the competent authorities.3. Data obtained through the use of cookies, are used to ensure the beneficial statistics of our resource in the search engines.

We emphasize the fact, that all users’ data obtained in the process of cooperation cannot disclose your identity. Therefore, participants can be fully confident in maintaining confidentiality and protecting any information about the company's clients from third parties.By registering on the Binvest project site, the user is aware that some of his data can be collected, processed and used. Therefore, the creation of an account on our website automatically confirms the consent of the participant with the above provisions. In the event that you are categorically against the collection of information about you and its subsequent processing, we strongly recommend you to leave the site, do not create personal account and refrain from our investment offer.