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We are looking for an analyst

Required work experience: at least 3 years. Full-time, full-time The team that develops software for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges needs a Data Scientist, you have to: Develop machine learning models in Python. Understand the complex business logic of trading processes. Come up with and test your hypotheses and turn them into product KPIs. Requirements: At least 3 years of experience with machine learning algorithms. Experience with NLP / NLU tasks (text classification, entity extraction (NER), sentiment analysis, slot-filling). Knowledge of ML and experience with major DS libraries: pandas, numpy, sklearn, scipy, nltk, gensim, pytorch / tensorflow / keras. Confident use of git. We offer: Perpetual employment contract. Five-day work schedule; Convenient office location (walking distance from the metro); Corporate life full of various collective events; Professional development (the opportunity to work on interesting and promising projects, undergo training in partner companies); The ability to travel at special corporate rates; Paid vacation 28 calendar days.

Published: Mar 2, 2018

We are connected to Binance!

We have developed unique software that allows us to trade on several exchanges at the same time and respond to changes in rates in a fraction of a second. The absolute accuracy and uninterruptedness of the indicators of our bots, achieved by connecting to exchanges through the API and in real time, our robots calculate the optimal entry points using mathematical formulas. Despite the complete automation, our specialists do not sit idly by, but tirelessly monitor the health of all processes and work to improve strategies. We are glad to inform all partners that from today we are trading on the Binance exchange!

Published: Feb 27, 2018

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money. Basically, it is computer code based on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a chain of encrypted data that records all transactions with a cryptocurrency. Many copies of this chain are stored on the servers and computers of cryptocurrency holders around the world.

After each transaction, a new block with information about the transaction is added to the end of the chain. The creation of a block requires complex mathematical calculations that are performed by the computers of the miners in order to receive the reward. The chain gets longer, the computations get more complicated, and the mining of cryptocurrency requires more and more computing power. To mine cryptocurrency, miners create special mining farms - powerful computers that can perform complex calculations at high speed.

Before each transaction, copies of the blockchain from different sources are compared. If the copies match, the transaction will be executed. Otherwise, the transaction will be canceled. Therefore, it is impossible to forge and embed a fake record into this chain.

It all started with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Who it is, one person or a group of people is unknown. Bitcoin is the most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency at the moment. Its quantity is limited to 21 million coins, and it is impossible to get more. This currency is not backed by precious metals or other guarantees. Its price is made up of the cost of electricity spent on its production and the demand for it.

All cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins are called altcoins (alternative coins). They emerged as offshoots of the Bitcoin network. The most popular and expensive ones are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash. Most of them are based on Blockchain technology, but with some modifications. As a result, altcoins differ in some characteristics, such as emission limits, the rate at which new blocks appear, partial or complete anonymity, and mining reward algorithms. Some altcoins code (Ripple, Tem) is not a blockchain modification. It is unique and written from scratch.

More often than not, altcoin prices mimic the behavior of the bitcoin price. If Bitcoin goes up, altcoins go up, and vice versa. But there are exceptions.

Cryptocurrencies are capable of performing the functions of ordinary money. The owner can exchange them for real money, for another cryptocurrency, or pay for goods and services. But the creators also endow them with additional useful features, for example, smart contracts for the Ether currency, fast Litecoin transactions and complete Dash anonymity.

But the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate do not allow them to become a stable payment unit. A striking example is the story of Pizza for Bitcoins. In 2010, one person bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins ($ 40-50 at the time), and later bitcoin rose to $ 20,000 per coin.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for any surprises. At any moment, a complete lull in the market can turn into a powerful impulse in any direction. And long-term and stable growth can turn into a rapid collapse.

Cryptocurrency is stored in special wallets, they are of several types:

Desktop wallets.

The program to be installed on the local computer. It stores keys and all the necessary information for access and operations with cryptocurrency.

Web wallets.

A website or web application that provides full functionality for receiving, sending and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Private keys and other information are stored on servers.

Mobile wallets.

Applications for use on smartphones. The most popular type of wallet at the moment.

Paper wallets.

A sheet of paper with QR-key codes printed on it.

Hardware wallets.

The special device looks like a USB flash drive. All the necessary information is stored on it. You need to connect it to your computer to access your cryptocurrency.

Different wallets provide different functionality, convenience and security. When creating a wallet, the user receives a private key to access money and a public key to receive currency from other users. Be sure to back up your private key. If lost, it can be restored using a passphrase, which must also be stored securely. It is also recommended to use two-factor verification whenever possible.

Blockchain technology does not allow forging records on the chain. But, unfortunately, this does not protect against theft. There are many cases of cryptocurrency theft by hackers. Using all sorts of vulnerabilities, they gain access to crypto exchange servers and personal data of wallet owners. They operate quickly and professionally, so when using cryptocurrencies, special attention should be paid to security.

The safest hardware and paper wallets because the keys are stored on physical media not available on the Internet. Hardware and mobile wallets are simpler and more reliable.

Published: Feb 7, 2018

Platform launch!

Stocks, fiat and digital currencies are liquid investment vehicles that profit from fluctuations in prices and rates. Trading in these markets requires experience and significant knowledge, as well as the ability to properly diversify risks, form an investment portfolio and analyze factors that affect the price of a financial instrument. To help our future clients make money with us in the financial and cryptocurrency markets, we have created this platform and intend to improve it until we can achieve guaranteed profitability indicators on an ongoing basis. Here we plan to offer profitable investment offers, with the help of this platform, our clients will be able to transfer funds to the management of experienced traders in order to receive passive income at a predetermined rate, without the need to go into details of the securities market rules, investment portfolios or associated risks. We hope that our cooperation will be long and fruitful. For this, we hire only highly professional traders and use only proven and reliable strategies. In the near future, our doors will be open to everyone, but for now we are ready to cooperate only in the b2b sector.

Published: Feb 1, 2018

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