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Happy New Year 2020!

New Year is not just the beginning of a new calendar, it is new hopes, successes, victories. We look to tomorrow with confidence and we have every reason for optimism - clear and concrete plans for economic development, real opportunities for their implementation! May luck and good mood be your constant companions in the New Year, may the joy of fulfilled hopes and desires never leave you. May there be prosperity in the house, and peace and love in the family. We wish you good health, happiness and prosperity! We value and love our clients!

Published: Jan 1, 2020

PerfectMoney x Binvest

As you asked, we have connected the PerfectMoney payment system - now the investment has become even more convenient!

If you do not like the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and it is more convenient for you to invest and store funds in a more stable currency, then this is the perfect solution for you! We do not charge any additional commissions, on the contrary, we give a + 5% bonus to your dollar deposit!

(The promotion is limited until 09/01/2019).

Published: Apr 12, 2019

What is passive income?

It's great to regularly receive cash income and do nothing about it, for example, a life pension. Everyone dreams of such passive income. But retirement is still far away, and money is needed now. From a scientific point of view, passive income is income that does not depend on daily activities. Regardless of whether a person is working or resting, he will receive regular payments. Such income will allow a person to be sure that he will not remain hungry and without a roof over his head. And if passive income exceeds expenses, then you can not work at all and focus on family, hobbies and other leisure activities. There are various sources of passive income: Bank deposits and bonds; Securities; Real estate and equipment; Copyright. Passive income is every person's dream, but not everyone can create it. Bank deposits are not profitable enough. Without real estate, you will not receive rent. There are not many talented writers and inventors either. The only way available to every person to create passive income is investment. Even without special skills and with a small amount of money, you can start earning regularly. Our team will help anyone who wants to earn passive income.

Published: Feb 26, 2019

Binance Launchpad Will Launch BitTorrent Token Sale on January 28th!

The Binance Launchpad platform will begin selling BitTorrent (BTT) tokens on January 28, 2019 at 18:00. Earlier this month, the platform announced the launch of new blockchain projects. As part of our ongoing support for important cryptocurrency and blockchain projects around the world, we inform all partners that Binance Launchpad will help BitTorrent launch BTT not only by providing a launch platform, but also by providing a complete advisory service. Binance Research has released a new study on BTT, which can be viewed here. The token sale for BTT is part of BitTorrent's plan to launch BitTorrent Speed ​​this summer, a new software that connects and rewards users with BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) for sharing files on the network. Don't miss the chance to be one of the first to buy tokens, because next we know where the course will go.

Published: Jan 17, 2019

Happy new 2019 year!

Please accept my most sincere congratulations on the New Year! We wish you good health, great personal happiness, well-being, inexhaustible energy, the realization of all professional plans! May the New Year always be accompanied by success in the important business that you are doing! And we, in turn, promise to continue to delight you with a professional approach to business and stable development of the project!

Published: Jan 1, 2019

What professions will there be in the future?

No one can stop progress. Every day we see news about advances in various fields of science and new inventions. What was fiction yesterday has become reality today. The world is changing very quickly. The advent of the Internet has opened up endless opportunities for human development. Communication, storage, analysis and transmission of data, advertising, customer service and much more happens on the World Wide Web. The ability to connect with a person anywhere in the world brought people closer together. Work and play have moved to the Internet. The employee is no longer tied to the workplace. Modern businesses are more willing to hire employees to work remotely on the network. There are more and more job offers on the Internet on job search sites. It is logical to assume that the demand for online freelance jobs will grow in the future. The labor market is constantly changing, and professions that were in demand several years ago may now turn out to be unnecessary and low-paid. How do you know what to learn and what skills will come in handy in the future to find better online jobs and be part of your progress? To do this, you need to track the main trends in the labor market now and try to predict how they will change in the future. Most likely, over time, all working professions will be performed by robots. The human factor is the only thing that the machine cannot replicate. Therefore, people will work in areas where creativity, situational and out-of-the-box thinking is required. These are the fields of information technology, law, education, entertainment and medicine. Of course, they will also change under the influence of technological progress, but only people can do such work. And it is to these areas of activity that future employees need to pay attention. In a world of rapidly developing technology, information becomes obsolete very quickly. It will take an effort to stay competitive. One could fantasize and compile a list of new online jobs of the future, such as a genetic code corrector, a space guide, a robot ethics developer, and so on. But it won't do the reader any good. It is necessary to understand the main thing: in the future, learning one profession, and then working with this knowledge is not an option. The employee will have to constantly learn and improve, keep up with new technologies and adjust activities in accordance with new trends. Perhaps this will become the responsibility of every employee. The Internet, the availability of information and online work will make this possible. With us, you can be sure that you will not be left without an airbag, because every day we improve our developments and reduce risks to zero. By joining us, you have made the right choice!

Published: Dec 2, 2018

Russian version of the site!

We are not standing still and are constantly working to improve our platform! According to our strategy, which assumes the global development of the company in the world market. We are glad to announce that from today the online platform is in Russian! We are planning to add Chinese and German soon.

Published: Apr 15, 2018

Official company!

Today is a significant day for all of us! From today, we have officially become an international company. We registered the company Blockchain investment group ltd in the UK under number 11266571. We pursue long-term goals and strive to protect ourselves and our partners as much as possible from all kinds of risks, including those related to the legal peculiarities of the countries in which we operate. In this regard, we made a decision to register a company under the jurisdiction of the UK in order to mitigate the risk of possible sanctions from states, since the status of cryptocurrencies today cannot be called completely certain. In addition, this solution will allow us in the future, much easier to promote our positions in the world market. You can check the certificate on the website of the state registrar.


Published: Mar 21, 2018