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Successful development!

Over the past three months, we have done a lot of work, let's look at a short summary: An advertising campaign has been deployed in several countries that are new to us; Translation of the site into Portuguese and German; Active promotion of investment opportunities for the B2C segment; More than 2,000 active investors around the globe; Our investors have already earned over 100 thousand dollars! A great start, for something more! We are not planning to stop there. Continuous development and improvement of efficiency is what we are focused on. New tasks and new achievements await us!

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Published: Jul 31, 2021

We are now insured!

insurance contract No. QLX / I45684589 / P1 / 21/017754 from 05/17/2021 to 05/17/2026 has been concluded, according to which the company's entrepreneurial risks are insured in the amount of:

$ 10,000,000,000
with the possibility of prolongation and increase of the insurance fund.

AXA GENERAL INSURANCE LIMITED is one of the world's largest insurance companies, classified as systemically important for the global economy.

Published: May 17, 2021

Cluster analysis! Where is the market heading?

A cluster is the price of an asset in a certain period of time during which transactions were made. The resulting volume of purchases and sales is indicated by a number within the cluster. As a rule, the bar of any TF contains several clusters. This allows you to see in detail the volumes of purchases, sales and their balance in each individual bar, for each price level.

A change in the price of one asset inevitably entails a chain of price movements on other instruments. In most cases, the understanding of the trend movement occurs at the moment when it is developing rapidly, and entering the market along the trend is fraught with falling into a corrective wave. For successful trades, you need to understand the current situation and be able to anticipate future price movements. This can be learned by analyzing the cluster graph. Using cluster analysis, you can see the activity of market participants inside even the smallest price bar. This is the most accurate and detailed analysis, as it shows the point distribution of transaction volumes for each asset price level.


The market is constantly confronting the interests of buyers and sellers. And every smallest price movement (tick) is the move to a compromise - a price level - that suits both parties at the moment. But the market is dynamic, the number of buyers and sellers is constantly changing. If at one point in time the market was dominated by sellers, then at the next moment, most likely, there will be buyers. The number of deals made at neighboring price levels is also not the same. And yet, at first, the market situation is reflected in the total volume of transactions, and only then on the price.

If we see the actions of the dominant market participants (sellers or buyers), then the price movement itself can be predicted. For the successful application of cluster analysis, first of all, you need to understand what a cluster and a delta are. A cluster is a price movement, which is divided into levels at which transactions with known volumes were made. Delta shows the difference between buying and selling taking place in each cluster.

Each cluster, or group of deltas, allows you to understand whether buyers or sellers dominate the market at a given time. It is enough just to calculate the total delta by summing up the sales and purchases. If the delta is negative, then the market is oversold, and sell deals are excessive on it. When the delta is positive, the market is clearly dominated by buyers. The delta itself can take on a normal or critical value. The value of the delta volume in excess of normal in the cluster is highlighted in red. If the delta is moderate, then this characterizes the flat state in the market. With a normal delta value, a trend movement is observed in the market, but a critical value is always a harbinger of a price reversal.

Trading with cluster analysis:

To get the maximum profit, you need to be able to determine the transition of the delta from a moderate level to a normal one. Indeed, in this case, you can notice the very beginning of the transition from a flat to a trend movement and be able to get the greatest profit. The cluster chart is more illustrative, on it you can see significant levels of accumulation and distribution of volumes, build support and resistance levels. This allows the trader to find the exact entry to the trade. Using the delta, one can judge the prevalence of sales or purchases in the market. Cluster analysis allows you to observe deals and track their volumes inside the bar of any TF. This is especially important when approaching significant support or resistance levels. Cluster judgments are key to understanding the market.

Thanks to our technical developments, we are able to track the volume of transactions on several exchanges at the same time, which gives us an incomparable advantage in processing and analysis speed. We see the whole picture and view the market in real time. We now share some ideas throughout the day on our social networks, links to which you can find on the home page or at the bottom of the site. Subscribe and trade with us!

Published: Apr 29, 2021

We are in social networks! Subscribe, there will be a lot of benefits!

Every day we grow together with you and set ourselves new ambitious goals that motivate us to develop and expand in all directions! We open up new opportunities for those who have long wanted to plunge into the world of cryptocurrencies and start investment activities in this direction, but in view of the complexity and high entry threshold, put this business on the back burner. Now you do not need to understand all the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading and have special skills in this area, because thanks to our B2C offer, anyone can become an investor in just a few clicks. We make investments simple and straightforward, this is our mission. Due to the widespread distribution, we decided to start maintaining social networks, thereby becoming even closer to our customers and partners. Subscribe and follow the news so as not to miss anything! We will share our views on the state of the market and some ideas for profitable trades.

Published: Apr 29, 2021

В2С - We've all been waiting for this for so long!

For 3 years we have worked only with legal entities and now, the day has come when we open the doors to the world of investments for everyone!

The mission of our company is to popularize decentralized finance, providing the best investment opportunities, as much as possible of their welfare. We are for freedom in all its manifestations! Invest with us and become a financially independent, free person!

At the moment, we are already working on 50 exchanges at the same time, we keep our finger on the pulse and instantly respond to any changes in the markets. When night falls in London, it is already morning in New York, dinner is already in China, employees of our company live in different countries and our company does not stop for a minute. One of the most profitable areas of our company is "Inter-Exchange Arbitration". As you may have noticed, the difference in rates on different exchanges is not so great and in order to generate a high profit, a large one is needed. For this reason, we have created an investment proposal within the framework of B2C, according to which anyone can become our partner.

21st century - Your possibilities are truly endless! In order to start earning, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. You just need to register on this platform and deposit, we will do the rest for you.

Published: Apr 26, 2021

We did it!

We've successfully moved to a new domain! Due to the new goals and horizons that await us, we made a decision to move to the new domain and we did it safely. We treat our customers' data with care, so we did everything in our power to prevent leaks or losses. The entire database remained intact and user data remained unchanged. All confidential information is stored encrypted. The data for entering your personal account remained the same. For greater security, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication. We never stop improving our platform and every day we are trying to become better for you!

Published: Mar 28, 2021

Don't miss the token sale!

Mina Protocol is the world's first cryptocurrency protocol compressed to the size of a few tweets, it is always 22kb

Our team of analysts believes in the explosive growth in the popularity of this project and we want to share this insight with you and remind you that, according to the Mina Protocol team on Twitter, the public sale of MINA tokens, available only to non-US citizens, will begin on April 13 on the crypto exchange CoinList, which Mina calls an "official partner".

We are waiting for "X" from these tokens and if you trust our recommendation, then here it is: do not miss the token sale!


Published: Mar 23, 2021

We invite you to cooperation!

Work experience required: 3–6 years Full-time, full-time. The company is looking for a trader to intraday futures trading on the derivatives market (Cryptocurrency exchanges). Responsibilities: exchange futures trading, compliance with risk management in each transaction, compliance with risk management to the maximum level of drawdown on the account Requirements: higher financial and economic education, experience in trading on the world stock market for at least 3 years, certificates, analysis conjuncture of the Russian and American stock markets, knowledge of technical analysis, analytical mindset, analysis, decision-making, high efficiency, stress resistance, focus on results Conditions: piece-rate pay, contract work.

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Published: Mar 1, 2021

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