Loyalty program

Binvest investment fund is open for cooperation not only to investors, but also to partners. We have developed the affiliate program in order to raise our project recognition. This program provides getting interest from the deposits of new attracted users. Moreover, we create all the necessary conditions, such as providing the promotional materials that will help you to make a pitch for our project and tell other people about its advantages. We are interested in raising the number of our investors, because the more funds we manage, the more profitable deals we get, making our mining farm more effective.

How can you become a partner of Binvest project?

To start partner cooperation with us you need to sign up on the official website of our company. After authorization and getting access to your personal account you can copy your affiliate link and use it for attracting new investors. You can share this link on forums, thematic resources or through your accounts on the social networks. It is also possible to offer participation in our project to your friends, relatives or acquaintances – just tell them about conditions provided by Binvest and how you succeed in getting income from cooperation with us.


Administration of the project is against SPAM, thus we strongly advise you not to disseminate information about Binvest by the bulk mailing. If we find out that some participant uses SPAM, the administration of the project will take measures against such violators.

The affiliate program from Binvest

is your opportunity to get stable and passive income. Just tell other people about our investment offer and get profit from attracted funds. Please note, that absolutely every user can participate in affiliate program regardless the availability of active deposit in the project. That is why you can get additional income without investments and risks. You only need to attract new partner and you will get interest from all his/her further deposits in the project and even from deposits of down-line investors, which were invited by you first-level partner.
Build up your referral structures with worthy investment project and get stable and high income. We do not mind when the project partners actively motivate their referrals to deposits. Thus, you can provide the participants of your structure with various bonuses, including paying a so-called refback - to return a part of the reward you received for the deposit created by the referral as a bonus.


Binvest investment project is aimed at the international development and attracts investors from all over the world. As an international company we work with investments of client from different regions. This is possible due to the high-grade investment platform and high-yield conditions that we offer to our investors.
Binvest British company is in demand among private investors all over the world!


people from all over the world trust


The terms of our affiliate program

assume the profit at 3 levels. You will be able to receive income in the amount of 7% from your direct referrals, who were invited personally through your affiliate link. Also, the profit of 3% and 2% will be accrued from the deposits of the down-line participants. Do not miss the opportunity to earn additional funds with a reliable investment fund, which earns in the high-yielding sphere of cryptocurrencies. Sign up on the project site right now and take a step towards your prosperous future - the conditions of cooperation with Binvest will allow you to change your life and begin development in the right direction.

We are looking for a reliable partners

This will allow you to earn up to 10% of the deposits attracted. The affiliate program can be used as the possibility of getting income without investing or as the additional earnings to your investments.

Top partners

We engage to the cooperation not only the investors, but also the partners. You can earn with our reliable company by attracting new participants through your partner link.