Desirable for many people passive income is impossible without investments. Money should work and multiply - it's very true, because free funds should not just lie and wait for inflation.

Binvest company

is an investment fund that invests its own and accepted funds into cryptocurrencies and is engaged in industrial mining. We are an officially registered company; therefore, by trusting money to the fund, you can be completely confident that they will start working on the conditions specified by the marketing of the project. Highly profitable investments and entry to the cryptocurrency market have never been so simple and understandable to the user.
Nevertheless, many people cannot start investing due to of the idea that they must have large sums and strong coat-tails in this field. In fact, this is far from the case; you can start with a small, because with a competent approach even a small amount can be significantly increased. As for the ties, the time, when access to investment was limited, has long gone. It became easy to invest money with the Internet and the development of financial system in it. At the same time, you do not need to have any specific knowledge or skills - currently all the activities for the investor are performed by professionals, and you only need to get profit and make a decision on replenishing the portfolio with new tools.

Binvest cooperates

with private investors who have reached the age of majority and do not violate the legislation of the host country by this activity.
You need to register on the Binvest website to become a member of the project and receive passive income from investments. After entering your personal account, you can fill the balance from the electronic payment system connected to the project and start earning under the terms of our investment offer.

Investment offer from Binvest

Choose the optimal for you terms and interest rates and start cooperation with successful company today.
  • 2%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $10.00
    • Max - $50.00
    Total profit:


  • 2.5%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $50.00
    • Max - $1,000.00
    Total profit:


  • 3.0%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $1,000.00
    • Max - $5,00.00
    Total profit:


  • 3.5%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $5,000.00
    • Max - $100,000.00
    Total profit:


Calculate your profit

7880 2

Daily profit:


Total profit:


Found a suitable offer?

We offer excellent options for passive earnings. Stability and reliability in investments is our main principle.
We give our participants the right to choose and do not set mandatory investment amounts - you can invest any available amount within the available limits. You can also use the profit obtained from the project at your own discretion - to withdraw it to your wallet in the payment system or reinvest to the Binvest and continue cooperation. In addition, you can have an unlimited number of simultaneous deposits, which will be processed separately.
The investment offer from Binvest reflects the conditions that are real for our investment fund and ensure its solvency. All conditions were carefully thought out by our analysts and, thanks to this planning, the fulfillment of obligations will be carried out under any conditions of the fund's functioning. Due to the existence of reserve funds, we will be able to provide profits to investors even if the fund's profitability from operations is reduced for some unplanned reasons.
Receive a passive income with a reliable Binvest company, which offers unique investment conditions for private investors!