Questions & Answers

Common questions

Anyone can cooperate, invest and make profit with the project. The only requirement that we put forward to our investors is to be of legal age.
Our company operates in the field of cryptocurrency. This young, but very promising tool for earning provides a lot of opportunities for profit. So our fund invests in certain cryptocurrencies, ICO start-ups, and also manages industrial mining of popular digital assets.
Yes, the company is officially registered in England and operates in accordance with the laws of the country of registration, being entirely under its jurisdiction. You can find more detail about it in the section "About the company", where, among other things, our certificate of official registration is presented.
No, you are not obliged to delve into the essence of our investment activities or carry out any specific actions. The Binvest team of professionals takes on all the necessary functions for asset management and undertakes to multiply investments, which is possible due to effective diversification of risks and competent activities of the team.
Anyone who is interested in working with the project can register on the official Binvest website and make an investment under the proposed terms. After that, you will receive a stable profit in the period indicated by the regulations.

Financial questions

The minimum withdrawal amount is: 1 $ PerfectMoney; 0.0008 BTC; 0.012 ETH; 0.05 LTC; 20 XRP; 10 DOG. There are no restrictions on the maximum amount of withdrawal of funds, as well as on the amount of withdrawal of funds per day.
An investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.
The percentages indicated by the Binvest marketing will be credited to your personal balance in the project. In order to get them to your wallet, you need to create a request for funds withdrawal.
No, this is not stipulated by the rules of the project. The funds you invest are used by the company to carry out its activities aimed at making a profit. We cannot withdraw money from the system until the end of the term, provided by the tariff plan. Therefore, treat investing with all responsibility and well weigh this decision.
To withdraw funds, you need to create a request and within 24 hours the funds will be credited to your account. This usually takes 1-2 hours.
The receipt of profit is possible only on the payment system with which you performed the replenishment of the account.

Affiliate program

Anyone who wants to become a member of the affiliate program.
The terms of our affiliate program involve making a profit on 3 levels (7-3-2%). You can find out more about the terms of partnership with Binvest in the corresponding section on the official website.
No, you do not have to invest personal funds in the project and at the same time you will receive profit for the attracted deposits through your referral link.
Affiliate link on which you can attract referrals in Binvest is placed in your personal account.
The withdrawal of the profit from the attracted deposits is possible only for the payment system with which your partner contributed funds to the project.

Technical questions

No, multi-accounting is prohibited by the terms of our project. If the user is caught in the registration of multiple accounts, united in a partner structure, then such an attempt at obtaining an illegal profit will be stopped. We will take measures and block all the multiple accounts together with the funds that are available at that moment. In this case, any claims and requests for refund will be rejected.
Make sure that you enter the correct authorization data, which are the same as those specified during registration. If you still cannot access your account, we strongly recommend contacting Binvest technical support.
If you created an application for withdrawal, but the funds did not come to the purse after the time indicated by the rules, you should make sure that the application was created and sent to processing. Perhaps the cause of this situation was a technical failure, in such case we recommend to contact the technical support.

There is no answer to my question in this section

The technical support service of the project will help to resolve any issue related to the work of the project and the features of cooperation with investors.