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Use our expertise and best practices to get the highest interest rates with the successful company that invests in the most profitable and modern spheres. We earn on cryptocurrency market and offer you beneficial cooperation.

Binvest is your opportunity to get additional income

Binvest team gathered cohesive enthusiasts of investment business, who joined their experience, knowledge and financial abilities in order to achieve the maximum effective and profitable results. Our interest are aimed at the latest modern tools of money making, such as initial token offerings, trading on cryptocurrency markets and commercial cryptocurrency mining. Experienced world-class traders and analysts select the most perspective tokens and cryptocurrencies for high-yield investments and our own mining cluster allows minimizing all the risks.In mid-2018, we created a comfortable and safe space, in which every user can invest and get profit regardless experience in investments sphere. And now we are glad to represent you our platform. To become participant of our project you only need to sign up on this website, choose the tariff plan, make a deposit and get income.

Investment offer from Binvest

Choose the optimal for you terms and interest rates and start cooperation with successful company today.
  • 2%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $10.00
    • Max - $50.00
    Total profit:


  • 2.5%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $50.00
    • Max - $1,000.00
    Total profit:


  • 3.0%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $1,000.00
    • Max - $5,00.00
    Total profit:


  • 3.5%

    Daily for a year

    • Min - $5,000.00
    • Max - $100,000.00
    Total profit:


Calculate your profit

7880 2

Daily profit:


Total profit:


Found a suitable offer?

We offer excellent options for passive earnings. Stability and reliability in investments is our main principle.

Enter the future of finance

  • Persistence and exact understanding of what we want to achieve. The success of each step and accuracy of the made decisions.
  • We implement the effective and revolutionary perspective soft & hardware tools and technologies in the process of investment management.
  • Strict adherence to the best traditions and the most worthy examples of fair and honest business as a guarantee of cooperation stability.

Types of business

  • Industrial cryptocurrency mining

    Trading on ​​cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Investments

    The investment stability and high profitability for clients from around the world.
  • Investments via Internet

    Using convenient tools you can invest funds and get profit without thinking through all the intricacies of transactions – our professionals will do all the job for you.
  • Many years of experience

    You will cooperate with the team of professionals that have experience and necessary expertise.
  • Professional support service

    The competent support service will clarify any question raised and help to solve any problem.
  • Full automation of investment processes

    The cooperation with the project is performed through the investment platform and all transactions – through the payment systems.
  • Safety of your data

    You can be calm about your data safety – the company securely keeps the confidentiality of each client’s information.
  • Reliable protection of website

    The platform is equipped with all the necessary technical features that provide the safe working process of the site.


Binvest investment project is aimed at the international development and attracts investors from all over the world. As an international company we work with investments of client from different regions. This is possible due to the high-grade investment platform and high-yield conditions that we offer to our investors.
Binvest British company is in demand among private investors all over the world!


people from all over the world trust


We are looking for a reliable partners

This will allow you to earn up to 10% of the deposits attracted. The affiliate program can be used as the possibility of getting income without investing or as the additional earnings to your investments.

Our partners

We are looking for a reliable partners

This will allow you to earn up to 10% of the deposits attracted. The affiliate program can be used as the possibility of getting income without investing or as the additional earnings to your investments.

Top partners

We engage to the cooperation not only the investors, but also the partners. You can earn with our reliable company by attracting new participants through your partner link.

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